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Whether it is board meetings, training programs, team building exercises or corporate seminars, we can cater to your requirements. With adequate space and resources, we have been host to several organizations for their business purposes.
Our A/C conference hall is well equipped with an O.H.P, a slide projector, T.V, white board and flip charts (with five complimentary sheets). For participants we also provide pencils and notepads to write out important points.
Our professional service ensures complete satisfaction.
You have the option of an A/C room, an A/C cottage or an A/C deluxe room.
A/C room is of three types: Single occupancy, Double occupancy and Triple occupancy
A/C cottage and A/C deluxe room come in four categories: Single occupancy, Double occupancy, Triple occupancy and Quad sharing.
a. The swimming fee and the time limit is exempted, however, wearing a swimming costume is mandatory while entering the pool.
b. A cocktail party with a private mini bar will be arranged with subsidized rates for soft drinks and liquor.
c. Snacks for the cocktail dinner will be subsidized for vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Prior notice should be given.
d. Beverages: King Fisher beer, soft drinks, soda.
a. Get into the competitive mood with an assortment of indoor games such as table tennis, badminton, carom board, cards etc. For Billiards and Snooker a small fee per hour, per person is charged. (at Best Club location)
b. In a group? We can add to the fun by organizing several interactive group games that will help you bond with one another. Example: Treasure Hunt, Housie, Tug-of-war, Musical Chair, etc.
c. An audio system can be arranged on prior request along with a CD player a heavy-duty music system and even a DJ, all for a fee of Rs. 2500 per day (8 hours).
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